Hi, My name is Earl. I was named after my Grandfather who operated a barber shop in Denver Colorado. Through his actions he was what I would consider an honorable man. In my life, I have experienced many miraculous events, including the crossing of many loved ones. Now, I am in the process of remembering.

The goal of remembering is not to live in the past, but to remember who we are so that we can best live in the present. In the present the energies of the ancients are activating. These energies will bring great change. The flutes and songs that I play resonate with those changes.

These changes shift our spiritual focus. To be on a spiritual journey implies a destination mapped by the coordinates of our heart. Yet, how will we know when we reach the destination? Furthermore, How can we be at peace at this destination when our instinct is to seek? How can we not seek, when the destination is so imperative, and the longing of our hearts so strong?

The truth is, we are at our destination, standing on “The Edge”. We just need to remember. Our memories are tied to our feelings. When you hear the truth of who you are, you are moved, totally immersed, and feel parts of yourself that were forgotten. Those parts stand on an Edge, where they have waited for a very long time for your loving recognition. Who would you be, if you loved yourself as I do while the music plays?

Peace and Love,



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